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Outreach & Affiliates Program

Are you a blogger, Youtuber or influencer within a community that uses drugs?

We’re looking to get Rollkit into as many hands as possible, which means raising awareness of its benefits wherever we can and going out of our way to make them accessible to everyone.

Our worldwide shipping means nobody misses out due to geography and we do all that we can to keep them as affordable as possible, but if folk aren’t aware of Rollkit in the first place then that’s not going to help them. This is where you come in: by sharing Rollkit with your community, you’ll be helping to protect their both brains and their faces (we’ve included magnesium glycinate to prevent jaw-clenching, which can lead users to completely shred their cheeks and lips during a particularly heavy session).

In return, we can offer you up to 30% of the value of any purchase your community members make, while they benefit from an exclusive discount by using your affiliate code.

If you think your community could benefit from having access to a simple supplement kit like this one, we want to hear from you! Simply send us a email to and we’ll get back to you within a few hours. 

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