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Rollkit first saw the light of day in early 2017, as a bit of a side venture on our main site, HUP. We had already been running for just under a year at that point, trading as Scandinavia’s first testkit provider, when we saw that there was a clear demand for an MDMA supplement kit as simple and effective as our testkits.

However, long before we even started HUP, a rich online community of MDMA users who had turned supplementation into a bit of an art form – without their efforts, Rollkit could never have come to pass. Some of the most advanced users had developed supplement “stacks” starting as much as a week in advance, finding the precise mixes which gave them both the best-possible experience while rolling, and the least-bad-possible experience after the fact by inhibiting the depression of the comedown, minimising the risk of long-term neural damage that comes with taking substances like this and averting the possibility of – there’s no nice way to say this – chewing your face to pieces.

Needless to say, we jumped right into this, albeit with a different focus. We created our own little cocktail of some of the supplements we found to be most effective and packed them all together – now you can improve your roll without needing to go through hours of research, oodles of expense and a full week of prep-time before every dose.

As you can imagine, it proved to be a bit of a hit – Rollkit has been one of our top products for a long time now, and we decided late last year that it had done more than enough to earn its own company.

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